Components of a RingLock Scaffolding System

A scaffolding system is a type of temporary structure that is used by workmen in a construction site to ease their construction work. There are different types of scaffolding systems, depending on the kind of construction that is taking place, construction materials, and the complexity of the whole project. They assist the builders to access the construction site and carry materials used in the building quickly.

Among other available types of scaffolding systems, the most used one is the RingLock scaffolding system. It is used widely due to its efficiency.  It is very sophisticated and enables workers to save the cost of labor and also time. It is simple to set up, use, disassemble, and require minimal storage space.

Due to this efficiency, it has found a lot of use in construction projects which has complex shapes and elevations. Its application is also based on the fact that this scaffolding system has an inbuilt safety mechanism and a high load capacity. It has use flexibility ranging from offshore construction, access to support and structure in the construction industry, shipbuilding, and industrial maintenance. RingLock scaffolding system does not have any loose components, and this makes it easy to use, maintain, and store.

Ringlock scaffolding structure
Ringlock scaffolding structures
ringlock scaffold


Standards are also known as vertical posts. They can adapt to any available structure because they come in different sizes. Vertical posts can be bought either with spigots or without them. The primary function of vertical posts in a RingLock type of scaffolding is to provide vertical support to the system.

RingLock braces. These have a variety of functions. They can be used as members of tension and compression or can be used as guard rails in the stair system. They are diagonal bay braces hence gives the scaffolding system lateral support. 

Swivel clamp

They also are used in stair systems guard rail as the obtuse angle. They also serve as a lateral support system for the system.

Horizontal ledger

These also come in a variety of sizes. Due to this, they are fit for any situation application. They are used for purposes of safety as guard rails. Another use is to offer loads and platforms horizontal support.

Truss ledgers

These have a function in enabling the RingLock scaffolding system to hold more weight at a time. This is by providing extra strength to the system.


They make the towers of the scaffold can roll; hence can move from one place to another. 

Base products

When working on an uneven surface, the base products enable height to be adjusted. His base products are two, and they include base jack and a screw jack.

Storage baskets and racks

They add to the system flexibility because they are used for the storage of tools and materials being used in construction.

Stair stringers and treads

They are points of connection to the stair treads since they are diagonal parts of a stair system.


They are used to create working platforms for workers. Infill planks are used to connect different working platforms and also prevent tools and materials from falling off the system.